July 2, 2009

Two Teeth Portrait, part I

Here is the basic outline for the baby boy portrait I mentioned earlier. What a cutie. As usual, the first step is to draw the basic outline in light lines, so that they can be erased later.

This time I tried something I hadn't thought of before. After scanning this sketch into the computer, I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to lay a transparent version of the photo over the sketch, for comparison. It helped me see little errors in my sketch.

"It looks great so far." The customer said, after I sent her the image above. "One question--is there any way you can fill out the cheeks a bit? His chubby cheeks are the first thing you notice."

Little does she know. With a little shading this baby's cheeks will puff up like popovers in the oven. They shall be chubby. OH how they shall be chubby!!

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