August 2, 2009

Sunshine Portrait, almost done

I've been pretty busy lately. Right after I finished my co-worker's portrait, I had an Etsy commission to work on. The customer needed a digital copy by the 31st, which gave me just a few days to work on it.
After sketching the initial outline, I began to shade the faces. I kept the highlights paper white, since they are almost pure white in the photograph. At this point I realized that there was a large scratch in the center of the paper, and I had to start over!! It was just a bit too noticeable for me to feel ok sending it to a customer. I drew another outline and shaded the faces again. I've definitely learned my lesson about checking for scratches before starting a drawing!
Keeping an eye on the tones, I darkened the shadows and drew in the rest of the ride side.
Look at those chubby legs! Here is the version I sent to the customer on the 31st, after having stayed up past my bedtime to finish it. The drawing is not completely finished though - I am working on adding a background. The background will have some sky and sea in it, though I'm having a little trouble getting the waves to look right. It will be done soon.

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