September 7, 2009

Angel portrait, completed!

Hooray! I finally got a decent scan of my Angel portrait. I really like the way the hair is lit up. I started by sketching gray very lightly around her head, then erasing the hairs with a sharpened eraser. Then I sketched dark gray around the hair.

The dress was done with lots of cross-hatching, and the embroidery with small, quick strokes.

I'm going to give this drawing to the girls' parents soon. I hope they like it. Thanks to Arpit for letting me use his beautiful photograph.

See the drawing in progress here: Part 1 and Part 2.


  1. Wow. What does it feel like to be this crazy talented? Your work really is lovely.

  2. Sooo beautiful!!! You're very talented!

  3. this drawing is sure to bring in some revenue. Beautiful work!


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