September 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Portrait, part 3

Today I was helping out in Sunday School, and the little tykes were drawing. One six-year-old boy was making quite a masterpiece all in green markers. It had a growling monkey with an eyepatch (underneath were the words "PIRATE MONKEY"), a cute little Godzilla-type monster, several monster faces in the corners (underneath were the words "EVIL BEAST"), and a very confused looking face in the middle. I thought it was so awesome, I was making plans to steal it from the boy when he wasn't looking, taking it home and posting it on this blog, with some commentary about how the EVIL BEASTS represent man's inhumanity to man.

The boy must have known what I was plotting though, because when I wasn't looking, he scrunched up the paper and glued it to itself. Darnit.

It's kind of funny, because even though this boy seems to enjoy drawing supervillans and refers to the neighboring boy Johnny as his "nemesis," he is also the first one to raise his hand and spout Christianese slogans, such as "the Bible is the most important tool for life."

Oh yeah, the anniversary portrait. It's coming along. I wasn't really sure whether to include the flowers on the wife's dress, because usually I leave out patterns on clothing to keep from distracting from the face. But in this case, it just looked kind of boring with all that solid black. So flowers it is!

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