October 29, 2009

McCoy Reconsidered

In the last blog post I joyfully declared that my drawing of Dr. McCoy was complete. Then, yesterday evening, I was making a smaller version of the image to submit to Craftgawker, and decided that it needed a little darkening. So I duplicated the image layer and set the layer properties to multiply in Photoshop Elements. Here is the before and after:

"Oh dear," I thought. The McCoy on the right looks much more lifelike, doesn't he? But the McCoy on the left, the faded-looking one, is closer to the actual drawing.

Looks like I have some work to do. Sure, I could just save the darkened image, post it on my blog and claim that the drawing had always looked this way. Instead I've decided to go back to the original drawing and try to darken it up a bit. You know, challenge myself. I don't know if I have any pencils dark enough, so I might have to get out some charcoal pencils. We'll see.

So Dr. McCoy is officially back under the "work in progress" label.

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  1. What looks good on a computer monitor is different than what looks good on a piece of paper. Your soft, pencil style drawings are so amazing as one holds it and admires each minute stroke. I hope going high-contrast won't obscure that. You've got skills!


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