October 29, 2009

Dr. McCoy portrait, finished!

I'm really excited about how he turned out! And interestingly enough, this was pretty easy to draw and I finished it quickly. I decided to just draw in just part of his shirt really lightly rather than drawing the shirt. I used crosshatching with a H2 pencil, then smoothed it with a tissue.

I'm especially proud of how this area around the nose and mouth turned out. Also, the Starfleet emblem looks kind of shiny, doesn't it?

See part 1, part 2, and part 3.


  1. You're an artist, not an escalator! Its glorious!

  2. Your really captured him! Wonderful.

  3. I just got done watching some old Star Treks and happening across this warmed my heart! :) Lovely drawings!

  4. This looks just like De Kelley. My older brother (he's 20) was born one day after Kelley. Anyways, the good doctor makes me very happy and you've dome an amazing job.


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