November 25, 2009

Black Friday and Thankfulness

 Black Friday scares me.

Don't get me wrong: I love shopping. I love sales. I love Christmas. I love buying presents, giving presents, and receiving presents. I understand the fun in these things.

But something about the crowd psychology of Black Friday still scares me. Think about it: our holiday celebrating thankfulness and gratitude, of surrounding ourselves with family to remind us of the important things in followed by a day of chaos as people trample each other in their frenzy for more more more.

It's just really disturbing. I hope there are no reports of anyone being crushed to death this year.

That being said...I don't have a problem with snagging some online deals this weekend. And I do have some online Black Friday goodies to point you to!

The Handmade Highway has a list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from tons of Etsy sellers. If you're thinking of buying handmade for Christmas, you definitely want to check this out.


One of my favorite places for cute clothes, Ruche, is also having a sale this weekend. I'm thinking of snagging one of these pretty dresses. (Which one do you like the best? I can't pick.) Of course, this would also be a great time for my husband to go Christmas shopping for me. *coughcough* I'm not sure if he reads this blog though.


  1. I like the white dress.

    I am NOT going shopping on Friday!

  2. Black Friday scares me too... so I am happy we don't have it up here in Canada! :)

  3. I hear you... I am all for Cyber Monday.


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