November 26, 2009

Mother's Love portrait, part 1

Okay, so the photo on the left is the one I'm drawing from - and it's a good example of a vintage photo that I would normally consider too faded and blurry to use. That's what the photo on the right is for - a reference to help me understand what the woman's face looks like.

The baby in the photo is the customer's husband. The woman, obviously, is his mother, who recently passed away. This drawing will be a special Christmas gift for the customer's husband. Despite being blurry and faded, there's a lot of emotion and love in the vintage photo. This drawing is meant as something of a memorial, and I want to make sure that all that love really comes through in the drawing. Here's what I've got so far.


  1. Hi there! Go to my blog because you have an award to pick up!

  2. Oh, they will love it and cherish it for sure. You've really captured her likeliness.


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