November 4, 2009

Dr. McCoy portrait, finished again!

I darkened up the shading a bit this time. I think the drawing has a little more depth now, although the Starfleet emblem lost some of its shine.

I love Star Trek. <3

See this drawing in progress: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.


  1. You're a drawworm, not an escalator. And a darn good one, too. Hey, next time you're sipping a mint julip, you can reflect that you're "just an ol' country drawworm".

  2. could I use your drawing of McCoy for my ringtones? I'll pay you a onetime fee of $45.00 for the use..I'll keep your copyright and signature as is.. my ringtones are easily found by typing "deblume" into amazon.. I like to push revenues back to artists.. this is a sensational rendition.. let me know soon I want to upload the album art...

  3. email is

  4. Phyllis,

    Thanks for asking, but my answer is no.


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