November 29, 2009

Mother's Love portrait, finished!

Do you remember the drawing from a vintage photo that I've been working on? I showed the customer this almost-finished image, and she said, "I wanted to know if it would be possible to make her look like she was in heaven with your shading?"

Can do.

"It brought tears to my eyes," the customer responded. I'm pretty sure she meant that in a good way.

This drawing took 8.5 hours. Time to start the next one, which I'm pretty excited about because it has pretty dresses.


  1. This picture chokes me up! You're going to have to raise your prices again. What a treasure!

  2. You captured heaven and all the love of a mother and child.

  3. This looks lovely! It's so nice to meet another drawing artist.

  4. hi you`re amazing,i do something very similar to you but i`m definitely not as good as you.the problem i have is that i learned how to do it myself without anybody to teach me,so i`m still at lost about certain things and am constantly learning from my mistakes.would you mind if i send you some drawings of mine so you could suggest how i could make them better,if you`re cool with it mail me at please


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