December 31, 2009

I'm Waiting for Tomorrow

Textures by resurgere and EnchantedGal-Stock

Six Things I Did This Year:

1. I made chocolate chip bacon cookies for my co-workers. Generally, the girls were skeptical and the guys were overjoyed. Keep this in mind if you're going to try it.
2. I got my driver's license. This is quite a feat, considering that I don't live with my parents and so had to find an instructor, a car to practice in, and a car to to take the test in. What a pain! That should teach me not to procrastinate so much.
3. Mr. Drawworm and I bought our first car. Because it's blue and made of steel, we're thinking of naming it "Blue Steel."
4. I got my skin all cleared up with a vigorous course of Accutane. I had hoped that this would put an end to the "so what grade are you in, sweetie?" comments, but no luck so far.
5. Mr. Drawworm got an internship that keeps him at the office until late in the evening. As a result, I make almost all our dinners, and my cooking skills have greatly increased. My favorite recipe is Super Quick Tomato Basil Pasta - it's seriously the highlight of my week.
6. I made my first 17 sales on Etsy. My customers have all been so kind, and left me fabulous feedback! I know that 17 sales is miniscule in Etsy terms, where some people get 17 orders in a week. But that evens out to more than one drawing a month, and considering that it takes me at least a week to finish a drawing, I very frequently had orders to work on throughout the year.

Three Goals for Next Year:

1. I would like to grow Drawworm and increase my advertising so that I have a steady amount of orders coming in. I also want to up my drawing skills to become more realistic and 3D-looking.
2. Pay off all our student loans.
3. Take a trip to New Zealand and hike up Mount Doom. This is only allowed to happen if we meet Goal #2 first.


  1. Hey! We want to go to New Zealand, too!

  2. Let's go together! I'll wait at the bottom of Mt. Doom, though.


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