December 30, 2009

The Lost Tea Light

Porcelain Campfire Tea Light by David Weeks for Kikkerland

I saw this campfire tea light several months ago on some of my favorite websites and each time I thought "aww how cute, it reminds me of camping with my family," but felt that it was too expensive to buy. Then the candle that I usually light in my living room got all used up, and my thoughts returned to this campfire tea light. I thought about how cute it would look, flickering on my coffee table. It would make the whole apartment feel warmer, cozier. Eventually the high price tag seemed quite justified and my mind was set.

But alas, the tea light seems to have DISAPPEARED FROM THE INTERNETS, except one website, where it really is too expensive. Even eBay is empty-handed. I'm hoping that it comes back in stock somewhere else, because other candles just seem lacking in personality now, you know?

I did find this little guy on Etsy...

What do you think?
Although this lotus flower has more of the right style. It looks like porcelain, but it's made of seashells!

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