February 24, 2010

Zoe from Firefly drawing

I dunno what "real" artists are supposed to draw, but I doubt they draw a lot of characters from movies and tv shows. But I've always enjoyed drawing my favorite characters - maybe the fact that there's a story behind them makes them more interesting to draw.


This is Zoe from the most excellent but short-lived tv show Firefly. I like her because she doesn't say much, but when she speaks up she usually has a very dry sense of humor that she delivers with an absolutely straight face. She is also happily married - which is unusual for any character on any tv show.

I'm still working on my portfolio for the Academy of Art. I think it's getting near to being done!


  1. What is your favorite pencil and do you use a blending stump?
    I hope that Zoe gets to see your drawing of her. She would be one flattered firefly!

  2. I always liked the Zoe character because she had a nice rump.

  3. This is great. I loved that show and wish it had been on longer.


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