February 22, 2010

Ellenitza's cute outfits

Photos from Ellentiza
I just discovered Ellentiza's style blog. I love her outfits because they look simple and comfy, while still being cute. Sometimes the outfits in style blogs are so outrageous - with neon yellow tights and super high platforms - that it's kind of hard to believe that they really wore it out. Here in California people dress extremely casually.

The two outfits above are cute, but still doable. I like that. :)


  1. I totally agree. Sometimes fashion blogs just make me feel bad for always wearing flats. These outfits are definitely doable and she really knows how to play with layers!

    Where in Cali are ya?

  2. Rachel, oh definitely! I can't take being in heels for more than a few hours, so it's really nice to see some styles using flats.

    I'm in the Bay Area.

  3. Oh great blog find! Love her outfits! ;)

  4. i know! i'm totally crazy about her style!!


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