May 23, 2010

Cubicle blues

This is my new workplace.

Yeah, I know.

Located at the far corner of a maze of cubicles, as far away from any natural light sources as possible, my desk is in serious need of some brightening up. I've been thinking of buying some fabric and pinning it to the walls, like wallpaper. The only thing is that I share my cubicle with an elderly man, so the fabric can't be too girly.

He'd go crazy.

Looking for fabrics that are colorful and modern but not too girly or distracting has been an interesting challenge. Here's some of the stuff I've found:

Via Ikea

That last one isn't actually a fabric, it's a wallpaper. I just really like the design and I wish it was fabric.

After putting these images together in one place, I've noticed that they tend to be either blue or green, and have tree or bird motifs. I guess I'd really rather be working outside!
Which one is your favorite?


  1. I really enjoy the first fabric although the others are nice... some of them may still be a tad to floral for the man you share a cubical with. Plus, the first fabric is such a beautiful design patter which I love!

  2. I like the one of GIR in his dog suit.

  3. I really like the second one. It's not too loud or busy!

  4. Try for some inexpensive, but very nice fabrics. One of my favorite places!

  5. I like the Ink & Spindle one too. It's expensive though.

  6. I like the 1st and 4th design. But for the cubical wall, I'd go with the 1st. ^_^

  7. Tough decision. I'm leaning toward the umbrellaprints one. Cute!

  8. aw, i'm sorry about your cubicle! hope you find something to dress is up soon!

  9. I think that first branch fabric is perfect. Soothing, gender neutral, and pretty all at the same time. Good luck in your new office box!

  10. I love the first one. Beautiful. :)

  11. My vote is for the Ink and Spindle one. Provides nice inspiration, while not becoming too distracting. It has order.

  12. Oh poor you! I like the Spoonflower design. Birds, Trees and Flowers. Sold. Everything you will be missing. People were not meant to be put in boxes.


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