May 20, 2010

Inspiration: Frank Pisarsky

Drawing by Frank Pisarsky

A lucky Google search for images of Charlton Heston (shut up) lead me to this incredible pencil artist, Frank Pisarsky. I like how he mixes photorealism with his own little dashes of artistic license, such as the borders around the drawings above and below.

He seems to like drawing celebrities and movie characters, like I do. Furthermore, he has drawings of the Lord of the Rings, the Matrix and Star Trek, which are pretty much the three ingredients that make me who I am.
There's a ton of astonishingly good drawings on his website, but be warned: it is in German, and he has some erotic drawings as well.


  1. Wow - amazing how art is such a universal language!

  2. Love the Edward Scissorhands one!


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