May 13, 2010

Little treasures

My Dad says that when I was little, taking me on walks was a rather exasperating experience because I wanted to pick up and examine every little thing I saw. Every colorful pebble or dirty button on the ground was a precious treasure I wanted to keep. It made for very slow going.

Having done some babysitting of my own, I now know exactly what he means. "It's a leaf, ok? Just another leaf. I don't know why it's a leaf, okay? Can we go now?"

Lupen's beautiful photographs of items she's collected on hikes reminds me of the little items I used to bring home. She's arranged and photographed them so nicely that they really do look like tiny treasures.

If you like Lupen's work, you can buy prints at her lovely Etsy shop.


  1. I remember trying to pick up everything too!... our parents must have had a lot of patience! ;)

  2. Your dad is messed up. There you were, discovering your world, finding wonder in everything, and he gets impatient because you thought cigarette butts and bottle caps were mysteries to ponder and treasures to cherish. Imagine a world where everyone pondered the mystery of cigarette butts.

  3. Your blog is fantastic! I look forward to following.

  4. Little did your Dad know that every little leaf and crumb along the way helped to shape you into you. I love this post and those images are stunning. I have been left behind, gathering and collecting.


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