May 11, 2010

Sigh of Relief

texture by Spifflicated

Remember this drawing I did about a month ago? Well, two weeks passed after shipping it, the customer had still not received it. She was located at an APO address, which can sometimes make shipping go slowly, so we decided to wait another week while I fervently prayed that it was not lost in the mail. I felt kinda bad for bothering God with it, since He's got a lot on His plate right now. "Hmm, Let's see here: flooding in Tennessee, persecution in China, starving children in Africa...package lost in the mail. Wait, what?"

I always purchase insurance and delivery confirmation on my packages, so I was ready to refund the customer's money if it came to that. But the worst thought was of this drawing that I had put so much heart into and the customer was so excited about, getting mildewy in the corner of warehouse somewhere.

A week went by. This morning I saw that I had an email from the customer, and my stomach knotted up as I hoped that it contained good news.


Aaaaaaand exhale. Thanks, God.


  1. Wow, such a nerve-racking...
    It could easily bring one to a nervous breakdown...
    Big sighhhhhhh.....

  2. Ah, thank goodness. I am glad everything worked out.

  3. So glad it arrived. And your post reminded me of yesterday when the baby cried for an hour instead of napping (he's cutting molars), and I thought to myself, "Please, God, please let this child sleep." And then quickly admonished myself with, "You know, this isn't an oil slick, tornado, or plane crash. Woman up, mom."

  4. I can imagine how worried you must have been! Your artwork is amazing, and you put so much life into this wonderful piece. So glad it got there safely!

  5. I know your pain. I shipped two items this week fed-ex and I was ready to go on a mad hunt or hurt someone.
    So glad it arrived, and I know it was worth the wait for your client.
    We need our very own footmen to deliver our art.


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