July 16, 2010


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I made this collection of all my Etsy orders from last year on Mixbook. Mixbook is one of many online photo book publishers, but it's a little bit different because you can collaborate together with your friends to create books online. The site was actually started a few years ago by some friends from my church, so yeah, I have connections. Anyway, I made a book with each of my Etsy drawings from 2009, along with the customers' photos and their comments.

It's part personal keepsake, so I can have paper copies of all the drawings I mailed out. It's also part advertising tool. I had a copy of the book sent to my parents for two reasons:
  1. Because I love them
  2. Because I want to make money off of them
My parents are highly skilled at bragging and are great Drawworm ambassadors to the world. Now they have a nice book to show their friends, who have children getting married and grandchildren being born, and maybe their friends will want some drawings.

I look forward to getting the book in the mail and seeing how it turned out! Hopefully the drawings look okay in printed form.

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  1. Way to go Kelley!

    I have been thinking about making a book of my own art for advertisment purposses.


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