July 18, 2010

Twin Girls Portrait

I finished this 5x7 drawing of two cute little twin girls last week for a customer in Germany. I didn't post it in progress on this blog because it looked kind of strange while unfinished. I also forgot to ask the customers' permission to post the original photo here, so you'll just have to imagine it. Sorry!

I had a tough time with this drawing, because the original photo was low on detail and the girls were in car seats or a stroller, with straps buckled across their shoulders that were obscuring most of their shirts. The customer asked me to leave out the straps, so their shirts are largely drawn from my imagination.


  1. That's amazing that you can do that, especially from a blurry, obscured picture! They are so cute

  2. Really super cute...and amazing work, as always! :-)

  3. They would make fine bioblankies.


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