September 3, 2010

Future of drawworm

I recently finished this 5x7 drawing for a customer.

ON TUESDAY I begin my first semester of art school as a graduate illustration major. Wow! Between commuting to San Francisco for classes, doing lots of art homework, and working part-time to pay tuition, I'm a bit concerned about whether I'll have the time to keep my Etsy shop running - especially since the Christmas rush of orders unfortunately coincides with final exams.

I've decided to keep drawworm open for business and prepare for a very crazy semester. I do plan to raise my prices slightly, in order to reflect my dwindling supply of time. I will offer discounts for return customers, though, because I love you guys.

By the way, JennysWeddingDresses did a sweet little interview with me for her wedding blog! Go check it out and leave a comment for her, won't you?


  1. Hi, Kelly,
    Thank you for a kind comment and visit my blog.
    Sounds wonderful that you're moving into a bright future! Go, go, Kelly, hip, hip, hurray!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. You neglected to mention that you owe your good looks to your dad.



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