September 8, 2010


As featured on Regretsy today: Etsy seller portraitsbymel is offering a custom portrait of yourself with Jesus!

This is so awesome. Seriously, why didn't I think of this? I love the guy that the artist has chosen to include in this sample. He just looks like he's pretty stoked, man, to be buds with Jesus and all. I also like the way Jesus looks, despite his four-fingered hand - he's very recognizable, but very chill and relaxed too. 

To be honest though, this artist is pretty skilled, and at $97 for an 11x14, this is quite the steal. I should get one for my pastor.

(Bonus: at another Etsy shop, you can get a drawing of yourself and Justin Bieber on a unicorn!)


  1. I love this!Regresty may make fun of it,but it's a great idea.he should have some of God laughing,too,since God loves to laugh.And god is my best it would make sense to have some portraits with some of what we think he looks like,at least in human form.

  2. The possibilities are endless. "Drawworm Phantacy Portraits". You can offer portraits of people with the celebrity/divinity of their choice. Mo2 and Dr. Laura. Lance Armstrong and I. Grandma and Morpheus. Spock and Richard Simmons. Chris and George.

  3. Hi, Kelly,
    What a good idea! Thank you for sharing it.
    Kind regards, Sadami


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