March 21, 2011

5th Anniversary Portrait

I really had a good time drawing this handsome couple. In fact, this is one of my favorite 5x7 portraits that I've done in a while. I especially like how the bride's satin shawl came out - it was kind of tough to get right!

I'm trying to apply some of the principles I've been learning in my oil painting classes to my pencil portraits, such as "edge control." (One of my professors' favorites phrases.) I hope this will give my portraits a more fine art feel to them.

The customer - the lovely bride in the photo - was very happy with the portrait as well. "The drawing is fantastic! Thank you! It's going to be the perfect anniversary gift!"

Here's the drawing, ready for shipping. I packaged it carefully, spanked it on the bottom, and delivered it into the capable hands of the postal service - the organization, not the band.

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  1. Wow that's amazing, it's just like the picture! Your drawings are absolutely fantastic!!


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