April 23, 2011

Best of Etsy Bunnies

I love rabbits. But weirdly enough, I hate cartoon rabbits. I mean things that look like this:

I know, it's a cartoon and not supposed to be realistic, but still. So ugly. I've discovered that there's a lot of ugly rabbit stuff on Etsy too. But in honor of Easter, I sifted through all the weirdness and brought you some super cute stuff. Enjoy!

Tiny Wool Felt Bunny by julieblanchett - $25 each

Follow the White Rabbit Ring by UntamedMenagerie - $9

The Front Porch fine art photograph by CreateLoveLaugh - $35

Leaping Rabbits Mobile by ARTISANIEeurope - $216

Tiny Knitted Brown Bunny Brooch by iroirocrafts - $14.40

Hay Saver Box by SaveABunny - $65

It's a sad fact that, a few months after Easter, animal shelters tend to receive a high influx of unwanted rabbits. People purchase these rabbits as Easter presents without realizing how high-maintenance rabbits can be, and abandon them once the novelty has worn off. If you're interested in donating to a charity this Easter, I would suggest SaveABunny, a non-profit rabbit shelter. I have visited their shelter in person and the rabbits are very well taken care of - spoiled, even. SaveABunny also has an Etsy shop!

(By the way, please don't forget to vote for my drawing so I can win a scholarship!)


  1. Multi-Awwwwww! I love that necklace! Anything on your birthday list???

    I agree that cartoon bunnies are ugly.

  2. Aw I love the classy rabbit things you've found! I agree - cartoon rabbits = uuuugly. Sad that bunnies end up in shelters. People are so selfish. : (

  3. Poor abandoned bunnies. That mobile is adorable!

  4. I'm a big fan of Julie Blanchett's felt critters - so beautiful. (And her Etsy banner is one of the best I've seen).

  5. oooh! This is a fabulous collection! So many cute things for my bunny crazy family.

  6. Yay for bunny-crazy families!

  7. Oh rabbits are so so so cute :D :D Those that you have found are so adorable and seriously melt my heart!

    Sadly some owners have no idea that having a pet is not like having a toy. Hope those bunnies will get new home soon :(

    Happy belated Easter :D


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