May 1, 2011

Nancy's Dogs' Portrait

Sometime last year...wait, maybe even longer than that...a long time ago, I decided that I should try branching out into pet portraits. I asked my friends if anyone wanted a drawing of their pets. My coworker Nancy, who is the biggest dog lover I know, jumped at the opportunity. I told myself that I would work on her drawing when I didn't have any other Etsy commissions going on at the moment.

It's kind of amazing that it took me over a year to finally get around to Nancy's drawing. Recently Etsy commissions have been few and far between - which is actually okay with me, since I have so much homework right now.

Here are Nancy's dogs, giving the camera the ol' puppy eyes. I'm pretty sure that the black one is named Sabbath, (get it? Black Sabbath?) but I'm not sure of the other two dogs' names.

Drawing animals was an interesting change of pace from humans. I'm still not sure whether to offer pet portraits in my shop, though. No doubt that it would bring in more business, but I'm just not sure if I enjoy it as much as drawing people. We'll see!

By the way, there are FOUR DAYS LEFT to vote on my drawing and help me win a scholarship! Please take 30 seconds and give me a little push towards winning a $1,000 scholarship. I will love you forever if you vote. :)


  1. Well, it's definitely up to you whether or not you enjoy drawing animals, but I think you've done a wonderful job! They have very people-like expressions though, which is lovely. I think you're right, it would definitely bring in more business. (funny how things taper off when you need them to... February and March were relatively very busy in my Etsy shop, and I debated going into vacation mode for final exams in April... but business just dropped like a rock as soon as exams started, and picked right up as soon as they finished. Weird, but great timing!)

    p.s. I voted for your drawing, which is lovely... with all my email addresses. Is that immoral? I hope you win!

  2. You did a great job! These pups are so cute, and look so happy. I like the way you hid your signature in the shading. What a great name you have.

  3. Thank you very much for voting for me with all your emails, Victoria! I really appreciate it.

    I'm glad that your business seemed to work around your exam times.

  4. thank you SOOOO much kelley! it's one of my FAVE pieces. :) xx

  5. Yo quiero Taco Bell.

  6. You're very welcome, Nancy. :)


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