May 3, 2011

I'm On A Bike

As you can see, in my oil painting class we draw a lot of models lying around looking lethargic and sad. Often the models are actually struggling to stay awake. This is not my favorite class, because of this boring subject matter. But my professor seems to like it. "It has emotion," he says.


Our final homework is a little bit different than our usual classwork. We are supposed to paint a full-body picture of someone interacting with their environment rather than posing for a photo. I looked through my photos and found this picture of my Dad looking way cooler than dads his age are supposed to look:

I brought the photo to class to get my professor's approval on it for the final project. I also brought along a photo of a young girl sitting in a flower field looking lethargic, as backup. Of course the professor immediately gravitated to the latter photo. But I guess he must have seen my disappointed look, because he asked who the biker was. "My Dad," I said. "Do that one, then," he responded.

As you can see, I have once again transformed our breakfast nook into my personal studio. We have a lot of beautiful sunlight in that room.

I think Dad is pretty excited about this painting. He keeps asking if it's finished!

Did I mention that this project counts for 60% of my grade in that class? Yikes!


  1. I agree with your professor, they do have alot of emotion! Just the same, I hated it when professors liked a certain subject matter or style. Good that you're getting to paint something you enjoy, it looks amazing so far!

  2. I agree that your dad is coolness incarnate.

  3. looks so nice :D how did you do the texture thing?

  4. Thank you, Hyoji. The texture is just acrylic gesso applied to the canvas. Actually I don't really like how it looks, I think it's distracting. :P


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