October 17, 2011

Blonde things portrait

Look at these cute little shavers. This 11x14 custom pencil portrait was ordered as a gift for the parents of these children. I'm excited to hear what they think of it.

As you can see, I combined two photos into one portrait. It was an easy combination because the photos were taken in the same setting at the same time, so the light was consistent across both faces.

These two kids really remind me of this photo of my brother and I, circa 1990:

My Dad used to affectionately refer to us as "blonde things." (Neither of us is still blonde, sadly.) I doubt if any baby, before or since, has even come close to matching the perfect roundness of my brother's head.


  1. So cute! And the photo of you and your brother is totally adorable!

  2. Awesome! You have a great talent!


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