October 11, 2011

Does your home need an embroidered seallama?

I've been inspired lately by some of the wonderful embroidered hoop art I've been seeing on Etsy. I wanted to make one of my own. At first I was going to embroider a skyline pattern, like I've seen in Moxiedoll's shop, but then I thought - why copy someone else's idea?

So I decided to go with a seallama - a mythical animal my husband is very fond of (and I'm 99% sure he made up.) I bought all the materials for $5 at Joann's Fabrics. Next I sketched some seallamas on paper.

Once I had a llama I liked, I drew it on the fabric with a white charcoal pencil. Then I embroidered it, using the pencil marks as a guide. I used white thread for the top half and light blue for the tail. When it was finished, I superglued the ends of the fabric to the back of the hoop, so it will all stay in place.

The whole project took me about an hour. Now the seallama, that beloved symbol of dignity and hospitality, greets all visitors who enter our home.


  1. I had to look twice! What fun that is. Thanks for your last comment.
    I do have those books and it is true, creating space to make it more personal and witty is refreshing!
    Do you plan to add these to your etsy site for sale?

  2. Ohhhhhhh as a huge fan of lama, it`s the cutest one I've seen > <

  3. this is really cool! i like it a lot!!

  4. Thanks everybody! Pve, I don't have any plans to add embroidered sea llamas to my Etsy shop, but it would definitely be a fun thing to do. I just think I need to focus on drawing right now.


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