October 28, 2009

Dad + The Bright Side Project

My Dad discovered the website The Bright Side Project through my blog post, and apparently he liked the idea because he's started leaving comments. Hopefully he wins something nice for my mom- unless he wants this antique key necklace for himself, of course.

"The Bright Side needs more men," Dad told me. "And it needs more humor. Everyone's comments are so sincere." So he has been busy remedying this disturbing excess of sincerity.

Bright Side: Who holds the key to your heart? 
Dad: The little plastic men impaled on the cold steel rods of my foosball table. 

Bright Side: What will you do this holiday season to help yourself and/or your children get the focus off of yourself/themselves and focus instead on giving to others? 
Dad: I’ll ask my children what kind of stuff they want and then I’ll give it to them.


  1. Haha! Loving your dad's comments!!

  2. I feel like the world would be a better place if there were more crusaders against disturbing excesses of sincerity.

  3. Your dad slays me. Must be fun having him for a dad!

  4. I hope your dad wins, cause your mom should be wearing some nice jewelry while your dad is off loving his foosball table.

  5. I'm thinking we should make your dad an honorary Ambassador of Sunshine--or at least have a giveaway in his honor. :)

    Miss K.

  6. Miss K, that would be awesome! I'm sure my Dad would appreciate any acknowledgment of his ever-so-witty comments.


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