February 21, 2010

Awesome Etsy Item

Leaf graphic by chop-stock

This ring requires some explanation. You know how we have the saying "the man in the moon"? In Japan, their folk stories have a rabbit in the moon, who spends his time pounding flour into cakes. Autumn is considered moon-viewing season, so the rabbit is a common symbol of autumn.

Adorable little rabbit-shaped cakes are a traditional autumn treat in Japan.

Image from the Food Librarian (click the link for more cute pics!)

And now you can have one on your finger! I suppose this post would have been more appropriate in autumn, but I just found this Etsy item and it was too cute to wait until next fall to post it!

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  1. I think it is quite perfect for Easter too. I was given a mold this past weekend, one is a bunny, the other a chick and another for eggs. I cannot wait to make them.


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