March 16, 2010

Concept art fail

My husband has dreams about me becoming a great video game concept artist. The kind of person who can make things like this:

 From the game Fable II

My husband wants to become a video game programmer, and thinks that if I developed my concept art skills, we could be a great team. Although I agree that's a cool idea, I don't know if I'm cut out to be a video game artist. I like to draw cute animals and girls in pretty dresses. I don't know if I could draw huge mecha robots, decaying zombie enemies or, as my Dad put it, "warrior babes in chain mail G-strings."

Still, Mr. Drawworm had been dropping hints for, well, months. I could tell he wanted me to take a shot at drawing some of the mythological gods from the video game he's currently developing. So last weekend I picked out the ice goddess "Lacies" and got out my pencils.

"Lacies has a higher constitution than other gods because of the harsh environment she creates. Not many gods choose her as pleasant company since she naturally has ice build up around her. With so much discomfort brought simply by her presence, Lacies resides in her domain of Forem Hiberna, her mountain of ice."

Several hours later, here's what I had:

Cute illustration? Sure. Edgy, hip concept art? ".....not what I was expecting," my husband said, valiantly trying to hide his disappointment. And I can't blame him. I mean, she's holding a bunny for crying out loud. A bunny! What was I thinking? Yeah, it's an arctic bunny, but still.

"Just keep practicing," Mr. Drawworm encouraged me. He's not going to give up on his dream of being a husband-and-wife video game-making team.


  1. Lol.I like your style,don't change it!One of my friend's would love Lacies,I bet.I'll have to tell her about your blog.

  2. Hahaha. I always thought I could draw dark, gothic things, but every time I try it turns out silly, like my Baba Yaga house. Perhaps the two of you could make a pretty role-playing game.

  3. Hehe, yeah I don't see you drawing for those types of video games. Maybe cuter ones like cooking mama or even Dokapon Kingdom. Tell him that if he designs a game about bunnies you will do the concept art. :)

  4. Humble suggestions: Forget "bunny". It's a large, lethal lagomorph. Lacies rides it, commanding it thru the reins of a cruel-looking, spiked bridle, and her stilleto heels, which serve as spurs. The rabbit's bedraggled fur hangs in matted icicles. It's teeth and claws are long and sharp, and discolored and mishapen, like an old person's fungus-infested toenails. Reared up like a crazed stallion, the rabbit sends formidable foes fleeing for fear of being filleted by this fearsome furry freak. Lacies wields a staff thru which she summons the cold, the head of which is a cold sun, with icicles radiating outward from its corona. Clad in a white fur bikini to protect her from the cold, she is of course programmed for the usual breast motion physics. You're welcome.

  5. They should make video games where the lady characters carry bunnies. They usually are the "bunnies" though, I guess. My husband used to work for a big video game company... and whenever I visited him at work it was like visiting a fraternity. ;)

  6. You should not change for others, especially when it comes to our craft. Art is a very personal thing for us, and I think while you can share your work with others it is something different to give them control. You should draw what you want to draw -- don't force yourself to do something you don't really want to do.


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