March 11, 2010

To Where You Are, part 2

My bridal portrait is progressing. I was having a little bit of trouble drawing the bride's face last night. Whenever I drew wrinkles on her face, as in the photo, she suddenly began to look like a creepy old lady. It still needs some work, I think.

Check out this bed I found online. It looks like something a princess would sleep in, in one of those vintage fairy tale books with elaborate illustrations. Or maybe one of Tolkien's elves living in Lothlorien. I like to fall asleep at night imagining that I'm an elvish princess, so I would be pretty happy in this bed.


The price is $15,000. I'm hoping that IKEA will make a knockoff version and sell it for $39.99. It could happen, right?


  1. I prefer to nod off imagining I'm a hamburger flipper in Numenor.

  2. i love that bed!
    hee hee, if ikea made a version, it would have to be put together with one allen key... one leaf at a time! ;)

  3. Lol, very true cabin + cub. It'd be worth it though!


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