March 20, 2010

Non-boring dish towels

Did you know that in some countries, dish towels are used as currency?
Okay, I just made that up. Still, you should consider yourself blessed to live in a country where dish towels can be found in such abundance that we use them to dry our dishes with no more than a second thought. Here are some non-boring ones.
Beach Cruiser by branchhandmade - $6
I could definitely see these hanging in the undersized kitchen of a starving hipster graduate student. (This is not a bad thing.)

Soft Orange Thistles by margotbianca - $13
Dyed and printed by hand - the color reminds me of orange juice!
 Eat Local from BlueQ - $10
There are several unique dish towels at BlueQ, but this was one of my favorites.

Yellow Green Leaves by niceBreeze - $13
The little green shoots are perfect for spring.

 I Hate Drying Up from Anthropology- $18
I love drawings of cute, cartoony snails. Real snails, not so much.

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  1. I love the eat local one... that one is super cute! I would have to get two though, since I seem to go through dish towels like crazy.... um, so yah, glad they aren't currency. ;)


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